This is just a short note to pass along a note that Brian Johnson, over at the en*theos site, sent out this morning. In it, he posted a series of questions that, when answered honestly and fearlessly, really can (and often do, when coaches ask them) change your life! If you are changing directions, or maybe you just want to tweak a few things in your life, take a look here. Happy Journeys! 

P.S.- I highly recommend the entheos website. It is an amazing place full of awesome people, great ideas, and tons of wisdom and love! <3 

So this idea came from another blog and looked like a simple, elegant way to mark the start of a new season. To celebrate the long days of summer, a list of small things I’d like to do to while the sun is shining: 

  • Eat dinner on the back porch regularly. 
  • Hang out at the pool at least twice weekly. 
  • Celebrate Independence Day by hurtling through the sky at terminal velocity (pictures forthcoming). 
  • Play in the rain whenever possible. 
  • Learn 3 new salad recipes. Make them with athlete / personal trainer daughter. 
  • Out with the old: Have a yard sale or donate unneeded things to a shelter. 
  • Try 3 new drinks. 
  • Play at the park at night. Bring 6-year-old along! 
  • Dance. Because summer nights are made for dancing. 

What’s your vision for the summer? Feel free to share in the comments below! Happy Journeys! 



The Challenge: Be Yourself.

Today, and this week, I present you with a unique challenge. It is simple: Be yourself.

So often, we are asked to be other than what we are. As women, we get up and put our faces on, go to work, and put on another face. We become “yes” people, able to meet the needs of clients, children, spouses, and friends. Less often, we are asked to be who we are, to express what we really want. So this week, I offer this personal recipe (and challenge) to check in with yourself and enjoy being you. Happy Journeys! 

Sunday: Go Makeupless!

Yes, you read that right. For one day, give your skin a break. Run your errands and see what the world is like without the face that you present to the world. Be aware of how this affects your emotional state. Know that this is a reflection of how you feel about the real you. For extra credit, try this for the rest of the week. Don’t be surprised if you feel less of a need to return to the mask in a day or two. It happened for me! (See below.)  Continue Reading »

This article may have just changed my life a little. I invite you to allow it to change yours as well. Happy Journeys!  <3

HOW NOT TO BE OFFENDED – Buddhist Things.



Are you tired? Anxious? Confused? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Even angry? If you answered yes to any of the above, congratulations! You are having a human experience! Such moments can be potent reminders of our limitations, or they can be opportunities for increased self-awareness, creativity, and peace. For your consideration, I present to you a quick and easy five-step model for instant peace! Are you ready? Here we go!Image

Continue Reading »

So last week I officially decided that this month has, thus far, been the stuff of nightmares. I was sitting in my car, sobbing, looking around furtively to ensure that none of the neighbors, children, or pets could see me, considering where I might drive that could afford a relatively private venue for my private display of waterworks, when I realized suddenly that I was putting more attention into hiding my tears than I was into shedding them. This is not uncommon. Most of us have felt the familiar lump in the throat that signifies that tears are imminent. That lump is hard to swallow, but swallow we do. After all, we wouldn’t want others to bear witness to the fact that we are… *gasp*…. vulnerable!   Continue Reading »


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